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Our history

The rural house called "Il Canto del Gallo" was bought and restored for the first time in the 90s by the entrepreneur Guido Caramel, who takes care of it and keeps it as a venue for parties and events for family and friends.


In 2018 he decided to restore it again to create, in the left wing of the house, a Club and a B&B where members can spend a few days relaxing, spending moments of fun with friends and acquaintances, organize events, birthdays, social dinners

The work involved the total renovation of the garden with the construction of a large parking lot, the preparation of 5 beautiful rooms in the former barn and the creation of a dining room / breakfast in the former barn.
When the work is finished we can say that it is a real "gem" immersed in nature, just what people are looking for today. A stone's throw from the River Piave with its extraordinary views, the Canto del Gallo offers the opportunity to walk in peace along the paths or pedal away from urban traffic.


Guido and Maria Luisa are pleased to welcome the members and make their stay as peaceful as possible. 



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